Middle School Night at the Poway HS Football Game

Friday, October 20, 2017

5:45 PM Call Time ** Non-Mandatory Event **
Dress: Green shirt (PHS colors), blue jeans, tennis/althletic shoes

All TPMS Band students are invited to join the Poway High School Marching Band at a home football game (Poway vs. Vista HS) on Friday, October 20. Our band students will meet the PHS Band at their Band Room (Room N-1). The combined bands will warm up together and then they will all march into the stadium (about 6:30-6:40 PM). They will sit with the high schoolers in the PHS Band bleacher section during the first half, and then watch the Emerald Brigade’s 2017 halftime field show. The students can leave with their parents after halftime, or they can stay and play with the PHS Pep Band until the game is over as long as their parents are present in the stadium. They will not be supervised after halftime.

Mr. Moreau will be leaving directly after the Emerald Brigade performance at halftime and will walk the middle school students back to the PHS Band Room. Students must be picked up from the PHS Band Room only. They will not be allowed to wait in front of the school or anywhere else. Parents, if you want your son or daughter to perform with the PHS Pep Band after halftime, then you will be responsible for them at that time and you  will need sit in the stands near the PHS Band sectionon to supervise your student and to meet them at the end of the game.

Here’s important information about the event:

  1. Students may stay and watch the game BUT ONLY if their parent(s) are present and in contact with them in the stadium. If they stay, the kids can continue to sit in the Band section and play with the PHS Pep Band, as long as their parents are close enough to supervise them.
  2. Students can return to the Band Room to go home BUT ONLY if they are accompanied by their parents or they have made arrangements with their parents to pick them up at the Band Room. Mr. Moreau will be leaving the stadium immediately after the PHS Band field show to escort those TPMS students whose parents are picking them up after halftime. He will take the students directly to the PHS Band Room where they must be picked up by their parents. They will not be allowed to wait in front of the school or anywhere else